Debabrata Ray

Welcome Debabrata Ray Photography – A medium of self expression, and an avenue to showcase my love for this splendid form of art, which over the last 10 years has matured to include a multitude of subjects. I shoot Landscapes, Cityscapes, People & Portraits, Weddings and Wildlife.

I am available to shoot for the following subjects:

  • Weddings – My style of photography is more akin to Photo-journalism
  • Pre / Post wedding couple portfolios
  • Infant and child portfolios
  • Family portraits
  • Corporate portraits
  • Glamour portfolios

All photographs are shot using very high quality professional digital photography equipment, coupled with a very highly enthusiastic and skilled photographer’s time – guarantying a very high quality of memories captured forever.

Click here to drop me a note and schedule an appointment. I’d love to help you capture vivid moments of your life to be cherished forever…


2 thoughts on “About

  1. I came here from Flickr. I saw your post on Bharat’s querry about choice of lens and liked it. First of all let me congratulate you on a splendid blog and a great photostream on Flickr. I intend to visit your other stream also. I greatly enjoyed reading your posts here. I hope you will continue to write thus.

    1. Thanks for your note Mr. Koshy and for taking time out to go through my posts. I’ll try and keep up with my writing in here as much as I can and I have to admit – its been a bit long overdue here.

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