I happened to visit Amsterdam on business this weekend. I was lucky since I was going to get the Friday evening and half of Saturday to myself to explore the city and take some pictures while walking around. As I was traveling for business, I wanted to keep things really light and thats where my trusty Fujifilm X100F came in quite handy. This camera is the size of a point and shoot, but sports a large sensor of a prosumer DSLR.

After I got off from work, I checked-in to the hotel, dropped my bags and headed straight for the city centre. Although by the time I came to the spot which I had seen in numerous pictures, it was quite dark. The sun had set and it was around 0930 PM. Nevertheless armed with my gorillapod, which I stuck on to a railing, I took the following two shots.


After roaming around the streets for an hour or so, I decided it was time to hit the bed, since I wanted to make it to another spot on my bucket list – the village of Zaanse Schans.

The next morning I got up early and headed out. The morning sun cast some interesting shadows on the surroundings of the hotel I was staying in. I stayed at the Double Tree by Hilton – NDSM Pier. This hotel is actually on a dock a little off city centre and you need to take a ferry from the central station to get here. Nevertheless, the dock and the surrounding areas made for some interesting shots as you can see below.


I moved on, walked up to the bus stop for my destination for the day. The village of Zaanse Schans is just an hour outside Amsterdam and there are buses that take you directly there. I hopped on to bus number 931 and headed for Zaanse Schans and man was I in for a delight. This place is absolutely out of this world. Its a beautiful village set in the middle of nowhere with a scenery that was nothing short of breathtaking. It seemed almost like a fairy tale.


After spending a couple of hours strolling around Zaanse Schans, I decided it was time to head back to Amsterdam. I went back to the hotel, collected my bags and headed for the city centre. While I was on the ferry, I took this picture. The effectiveness of Public transportation – on land and on water is an aspect that immediately becomes quite obvious once you get to Europe. Its just amazing how every part of town is connected with a very effective mass public transport system.


I put my stuff in the lockers at the central station and headed out to the city to take some daytime pictures.

DSCF0079DSCF0080DSCF0081 1DSCF0082DSCF0083DSCF0085DSCF0086DSCF0087DSCF0088DSCF0090DSCF0091DSCF0092DSCF0094DSCF0095DSCF0096DSCF0098DSCF0102DSCF0103DSCF0104DSCF0105DSCF0106DSCF0109DSCF0111DSCF0112

It was a beautiful warm sunny day in Amsterdam and after being on the streets for a few hours, I headed back to the airport.


As I left Amsterdam, I had fond memories of my very short visit to the city of Rembrandt. I thought to myself, that this is a city I have to explore quite a bit more and I will definitely be back to do so. Keep an eye out for more versions of this blog from this amazing city. Better still subscribe to receive automatic alerts whenever I post new content.

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