This christmas I was in Paris with the family. It was a last minute thing, so not much of planning went into what places we’ll cover and where we’ll go – although I was sure about one thing, we’ll be in Paris on Christmas, so it will be that time of the year, when the lively christmas markets pop up all over the place. One thing that I definitely wanted to do was take pictures of the beautiful lighting in Paris as well as the lively chirpy christmas markets.

I purposefully didn’t take the cliched pictures of the eiffel tower at night, or the other popular touristy spots at night / day (except for a couple of those shots, which you’ll see below). I wanted to capture more of the charm of the beautiful christmas markets rather than popular tourist destinations in Paris – which I actually did in 2008 when I was in Paris. You can see those pictures on my flickr page here at my Flickr Paris Photo Album.

As I planned to be walking most of the time, I chose to take along a compact kit which wouldn’t weigh me down while walking around. I used the Fuji X-E2 and two lenses – the 35mm and 56mm primes almost 90% of the time. Out of the two though – the 35mm was like a permanent fixture on the camera. The X-E2 along with the 35mm f/1.4 makes for an ultra lightweight and portable combination with amazing image quality. For some of the other shots I used my Nikon D800E coupled with the Zeiss 21mm f/2.8 wide-angle prime. All photos below have been shot with the Fuji system, unless otherwise indicated below.

Coming back to the pictures – the atmosphere was ecstatic, with shops lined with food, drinks, toys and play-areas for children. The shops were decorated with lovely lights and people in the shops were wearing lovely colourful attire with some of them wearing santa caps…

Paris_DSCF0069_Christmas_2014_SM Paris_DSCF0071_Christmas_2014_SM Paris_DSCF0080_Christmas_2014_SM Paris_DSCF0082_Christmas_2014_SM Paris_DSCF0084_Christmas_2014_SM Paris_DSCF0085_Christmas_2014_SM Paris_DSCF0086_Christmas_2014_SM Paris_DSCF0089_Christmas_2014_SM Paris_DSCF0090_Christmas_2014_SM Paris_DSCF0091_Christmas_2014_SM Paris_DSCF0093_Christmas_2014_SM Paris_DSCF0095_Christmas_2014_SM Paris_DSCF0096_Christmas_2014_SM Paris_DSCF0099_Christmas_2014_SMAs it started to get darker, the ambience in the shops became all the more livelier with the lights coming on; as it also got colder, warm wine and hot food flowed on the counters…


This shot below was taken with the D800E and Zeiss 21 f/2.8Paris_DSC_2464_Christmas_2014_SM Paris_DSCF0124_Christmas_2014_SM Paris_DSCF0125_Christmas_2014_SM Paris_DSCF0132_Christmas_2014_SM Paris_DSCF0133_Christmas_2014_SM Paris_DSCF0137_Christmas_2014_SM Paris_DSCF0139_Christmas_2014_SM Paris_DSCF0142_Christmas_2014_SM Paris_DSCF0144_Christmas_2014_SM Paris_DSCF0145_Christmas_2014_SM Paris_DSCF0146_Christmas_2014_SM Paris_DSCF0147_Christmas_2014_SM Paris_DSCF0151_Christmas_2014_SM Paris_DSCF0153_Christmas_2014_SM Paris_DSCF0154_Christmas_2014_SM Paris_DSCF0156_Christmas_2014_SM Paris_DSCF0159_Christmas_2014_SM Paris_DSCF0160_Christmas_2014_SM Paris_DSCF0161_Christmas_2014_SM Paris_DSCF0162_Christmas_2014_SM Paris_DSCF0163_Christmas_2014_SM Paris_DSCF0167_Christmas_2014_SM Paris_DSCF0175_Christmas_2014_SM Paris_DSCF0178_Christmas_2014_SM Paris_DSCF0180_Christmas_2014_SM Paris_DSCF0184_Christmas_2014_SM Paris_DSCF0190_Christmas_2014_SM Paris_DSCF0191_Christmas_2014_SM Paris_DSCF0192_Christmas_2014_SM Paris_DSCF0193_Christmas_2014_SM Paris_DSCF0196_Christmas_2014_SM Paris_DSCF0198_Christmas_2014_SM Paris_DSCF0201_Christmas_2014_SM Paris_DSCF0203_Christmas_2014_SM Paris_DSCF0205_Christmas_2014_SM Paris_DSCF0206_Christmas_2014_SM Paris_DSCF0207_Christmas_2014_SM

And then there were some shots I also took during the day, while walking the streets, when I went for a boat cruise on the River Seine and a walk along side the river to the Eiffel Tower…

Paris_DSCF0044_Christmas_2014_SM Paris_DSCF0046_Christmas_2014_SM Paris_DSCF0048_Christmas_2014_SM Paris_DSCF0057_Christmas_2014_SM Paris_DSCF0221_Christmas_2014_SM Paris_DSCF0222_Christmas_2014_SM Paris_DSCF0224_Christmas_2014_SM Paris_DSCF0251_Christmas_2014_SM Paris_DSCF0255_Christmas_2014_SM Paris_DSCF0257_Christmas_2014_SM Paris_DSCF0268_Christmas_2014_SM Paris_DSCF0272_Christmas_2014_SM Paris_DSCF0276_Christmas_2014_SM

The shots below are again taken with the Nikon D800E and Zeiss pair…I couldn’t miss some of the cliched shots of the Eiffel Tower…It was just so impulsive, that I had to take these shots…Paris_DSC_2480_Christmas_2014_SM Paris_DSC_2490_Christmas_2014_SM Paris_DSC_2492_Christmas_2014_SM Paris_DSC_2493_Christmas_2014_SM Paris_DSC_2494_Christmas_2014_SM Paris_DSC_2495_Christmas_2014_SM Paris_DSC_2498_Christmas_2014_SM

Finally what would Paris be without perfumes and cosmetics…a few shots from a Sephora shop at Champs Elysees (shot with the Fuji combo)…Paris_DSCF0284_Christmas_2014_SM Paris_DSCF0283_Christmas_2014_SM Paris_DSCF0281_Christmas_2014_SM

This ends this series of photographs from a Christmas spent in Paris. I hope the pictures were able to relate the festive fervour in Paris during Christmas. Do let me know what you think by writing in your comments below.

I hope you had a lovely Christmas and wish you a very Happy New Year 2015!

Au Revoir – in French as they say…!



  1. just a simple question, what I usually get from my friends and knowns… “what you are doing in this job… why don’t you switch to Photography” which doesn’t force me to think that way, BUT…
    whenever I see your work, I always have the same question with so many “why”…
    your work is splendid… they way you frame & compose the shot, processing and of course your Gear Choice… it is actually deadly combination.
    Wish you a Merry Christmas & lots of best wishes for your photography & your future…

    “my special wishes for Shaurya”

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