Last weekend was an unforgettable one. A group of friends from work got together on a conference call and decided to take a break. We wanted a place that was serene, beautiful, relaxing and rejuvenating for the stressed out souls we are. Bornholm – the name didn’t strike a chord to start with – but when words like Island, Sea, Ferry, Beaches, Sunshine, Swimming Pool etc started pouring out – things started to look really exciting. It was midnight when we all decided we had to take the next afternoon bus. We hung up, spoke to our families, packed our bags that night so that we could just whisk them away to the bus station.

It is roughly a 4 hour ride to Bornholm – an Island in the south of Sweden, although ironically the island is a territory of Denmark. We got on a bus from near the Central Station, which took us over the Oresund bridge into Sweden and through the beautiful swedish landscapes to Ystad. From Ystad we took the ferry to Ronne crossing the Baltic sea at a brisk yet comfortable pace. Once we reached we took a cab and reached our destination – a lovely apartment on the hills facing the beach. Down below you will find a few pictures I took on the beach. The atmosphere was so relaxing, I wasn’t even tempted to take my camera out. Nevertheless, the beautiful rocky facades and lovely blue green waves from the sea crashing into the rocks made for pictures I couldn’t resist taking. So here goes…





Landscape_DSC_0677 1_SM

I miss the time we spent in Bornholm – it was one of the best weekend “getaways” I have had in a long long time. I will definitely go to Bornholm again to capture more of the beautiful Danish countryside. In case you’re interested in planning a vacation here – you can visit the website

I hope you enjoyed watching the pictures. Its always good to hear from people what they think so please do leave a comment at the bottom of the page to let me know your thoughts.

A little note – All pictures are copyright and should be used only after my written permission. In case you’re interested in high quality fine-art prints of any of these pictures please email me at



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