Makeover – Shivali Biswal

Debabrata Ray Photography

Saurabh and Shivali are a lovely couple who have a charming 3 year old son. Saurabh is a good friend and a follower of my work as well. Saurabh wanted to gift his wife something special for her up-coming birthday; something which she’d remember for the rest of her life. He had several ideas going around in his head and then I suggested something which he just couldn’t refuse.

I suggested a total make-over for Shivali; the plan was to have professional hair & make-up artists deck her up in a look to die for, then dress her up in a beautiful flowing designer gown and photograph her. The session was meant to be a total “pamper-me” session for Shivali and I can tell (I’m sure so can you from the pictures) that she totally enjoyed the overall experience.

This is Shivali in her daily routine life with…

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