This weekend, I decided to take my wife, son and sister-in-law to this lovely restaurant in Powai, not very far from where I stay, called Chillies. Its a nice place to have a filling lunch with some beer – perfect recipe for a lazy weekend afternoon.

Last weekend, I had tried out the play memories application from Sony and wirelessly tethered the A7 to my iPad – which worked really well! I’ll put up a separate blog post on my experience with the Sony A7 – where I plan to share tips, experience and other tid-bits which I’m sure will be of help to many users who buy this camera and want to use 3rd party lenses (I’ll write about using Nikon lenses, as I’m invested in the Nikon system) with this body.

We were seated near the large windows of the restaurant, which allowed for some natural light to enter into this otherwise dimly lit place. I won’t go into details of every picture, but then what I wanted to capture is the mood of this place, along with some pictures of the family. Here they are:

















As you can see, I too was blown away with the image quality from this little camera. I shot this coupled with a Nikkor 50mm f/1.4 G AF-S lens using a Nikon G to Nex E adapter. I’ve learnt a trick of effectively using the Sony A7 with adapted lenses. I set the ISO to Auto, got into shutter priority mode and set the minimum shutter speed to 1/80th of a second for my 50mm lens and shoot wide open ( I can control the aperture opening through the adapter, although the aperture reading doesn’t get to the camera, as there’s no electronic coupling between the lens and the body.). Shooting this way means the Camera controls the ISO, depending on the Aperture settings and shutter speed. I also loved the ISO sensitivity of the camera – You can see in the pictures that the restaurant is dimly lit, yet the max ISO value the camera hit was ISO 2500!

What I can say is that after what I’ve read on the internet on how well the A7/A7R perform in low light – my findings echo the good things other users have to say about this camera! I bought this as my ultimate travel companion – and I think it is going to do a pretty good job at being that – “My Travel Companion”!


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