This week on Saturday I went down to the Fort area in Mumbai for some work. I had woken up late today – tired from the week that passed by – my body just didn’t want to wake up earlier. I got down from the train and headed out of the train station towards the streets of south Mumbai. I settled down at the McDonalds at Fort for a quick coffee to freshen me up and remove the cobwebs from my head. While I was having my coffee, I looked around was amazed at the old / victorian era buildings around me – including the famous Victoria Terminus (Now renamed to Chatrapati Shivaji Terminus after the great Maratha Ruler Shivaji) train station. I took to the streets and walked around for an hour or so. While I was crossing the street from one side to the other – I looked to my left and saw the train station at a distance. I imagined a frame in my head and thought what else is Mumbai famous for – rather I asked myself this question – how else would I know I’m in Mumbai – The answer was right there in front of me – the iconic Red Bus and the Black & Yellow Taxi! I stopped right there in the middle of the road and made up this frame in my mind – I waited till I saw the shot coming. I had already set my lens at and infinity distance on the DOF scale (I use a manual focus lens for my landscape / cityscape shots) and I knew that as soon as I saw that frame unfolding in front of me – I had to just pick up my camera – frame the shot and press the shutter release button. I waited for a few precious minutes as the traffic signals turned green from red and then there was this moment when I looked behind me – there was the red bus going towards the station from my left – while a black & yellow taxi was incoming from the other side of the road. I immediately picked up my camera composed and took this shot. In the far distance you can see the magnificent VT/CST train station.
One simple takeaway from this week’s post – Frame the shot in your head even before you take it. This way you’ll be absolutely sure of what your end-frame will look like.
Hope you like this picture. I’ll come back with more next week. Till then ciao and keep posting your valuable feedback either here or on my FB page:


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