Saturday brought in a gust of fresh air with I getting the chance to visit the Jazz festival hosted in the sprawling lawns of Nehru garden in Delhi. The atmosphere was electric, the bands were fantastic and the music ecstatic! The Delhi Jazz festival was organized by Seher along with the British Council, The Embassy of Canada and the Embassy of Sweden. With free entry and an exposure to Jazz music from all over the globe – this was a perfect platform for both the artists and audience to connect with each other. Seher is an organization that keeps conducting such cultural activities bringing together people and cultures of the world onto a single stage. You can find more information on Seher and up-coming events at their website and The festival is a 3 day musical extravaganza with bands from various countries in the world performing on a single stage. Saturday was day 2 of the festival and the bands that were playing were – Christin Jensen Quintet – a Classic Jazz band from Canada, Fractal – a techno and electronica Jazz band from India and Jump with Joy – a popular Jazz band from Sweden.

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Christin Jensen Quintet: Montreal-based saxophonist and composer Christine Jensen has been described as, “an original voice on the international jazz scene… [and] one of Canada’s most compelling composers,” by the Globe and Mail. Christin and her band opened up day 2 with a display of classic jazz through a beautiful fusion of the Cello, Sax and the Clarionet.  Click here to find out more about her.

Fractal: After a decade of experimentation and experience, India’s pre-eminent guitarist Amyt Datta (PINKNOISE, Skinny Alley, D-For-Brother) has come together with the irreverent Jivraj Singh. Click here to find out more about the band fractal.

Jump4Joy: If one band got people on their foot this evening, it was this band from Sweden. With an enigmatic voice, humorous catchy statements, the ability to connect with the crowd combined with amazing music – this was complete entertainment. As a duo the lead singer Ulf Sandström accompanied by lead female Saxophonist dished out peppy leg shaking numbers which got the crowd going crazy! More information about the band can be found at the Seher website here and

Day 2 of the concert ended with the crowd having the band play an additional single after they had wound up. All-in all a very enjoyable experience and an evening well spent. Hopefully the pictures were able to display the atmosphere of the evening.

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    1. Thanks for your kind comments Kriti. I went through your blog as well – you have a nice eye for photography and I liked your pictures. Thanks for looking at my work.

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