One of the good things about my job is that I get to travel around the world a lot. The not so good part is that apart from work I really don’t get a lot of time to go out and do what I love to do – take pictures! I was in London this year in early November for a 3 day training program. As luck would have it, my hotel was within terminal 5 of the Airport – to which I could reach using the underground Heathrow express train in 5 minutes without actually getting a glimpse of the city (it can’t get any worse than this is it). My training programs were full day affairs for all the three days followed by group dinners (you can’t really escape and go do your own thing in such cases). My training was to start on a Tuesday and I reached London on a Monday afternoon (I was lucky – my first time in an Airbus A380 from Dubai to London – loved flying in the belly of the giant). I along with a friend of mine decided to take a quick tour of the city while we could on the remains of a day we had left for ourselves.

So I took my camera and thankfully I had brought along a smaller tripod along with me. Looking at my training itinerary I knew I wouldn’t get time apart from an evening on Monday to tour the city and if I had to get pictures that were keepers in such low light – there would be two things I would need 1) a Fast lens and 2) a tripod. So I packed both – the 35mm f/1.8 DX – perfect for my Nikon D90 giving me a great depth of field and a classic 52 mm (35mm equivalent) field of view for my camera body.

From experience, a few things I always keep in mind when I’m traveling are – how much time I’ll have for photography, what kind of photos I want to click (nature, people, animals – this would decide what kind of lens I want to carry along with me), what time of the day will I be clicking pictures (if its evenings or low light – I would want to have a tripod in my bag) and of-course plan out as much as I can on the actual shoot. Having the right equipment at the right time and place really improves the chances of getting a good picture.

So here I was in the land of the Englishman ready to explore it with my lens. My trip started with the Heathrow express train from the airport (yeah yeah, my Hotel was within the airport) to the center of the city – London Paddington. The pictures that you see below are really a very graphical representation of London – not touristy snapshots, but an impression of how I saw London as an artist – while capturing those tiny little aspects offering the real essence of this city. Hope you enjoy the pictures.

2 thoughts on “LONDON – THROUGH MY LENS

  1. You’ve captured some typical features of everyday life in London with an artistic eye here. Well done in the limited time available. Is that Westminster tube station in the last photo?

    1. Thanks Ian! I have very limited time to click pictures. I do plan to go back and spend some time on documenting London in a better way. As a city its a photographers delight. Yes that is the Westminster tube station in the last photo.

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