This year on Diwali, again like the other festivals, I thought of focusing on some of the finer aspects of this festival in India rather than the usual fireworks display or the fireworks going off in the sky. I happened to visit this busy market place near my house on the eve of Diwali with my wife – we had some pending shopping to be completed and I noticed these beautiful collectibles, one would buy for Diwali (I actually wanted to click something that was symbolic of Diwali as a festival and something that anybody could easily relate with apart from fireworks and crackers).  The whole place was lit up as one would expect during Diwali and it was abuzz with people – lots of people. There were colorful lights everywhere, nice & beautiful earthen candles (diyas), chocolates, sweets, flowers and idols of lord Ganesha and Lord Lakshmi – basically anything and everything that would brighten up your house and your mood. To me these pictures capture the essence of color along with lights, which so truly define Diwali as a festival.. Happy Viewing!

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