Yesterday I had the opportunity to join a group of photographers and photo enthusiasts to go shoot at the connaught place flower market in New Delhi. I found out about this group on Facebook – “Delhi Photographers” and these folks keep gathering from time to time, go out and do what they love doing the most – take photos. Thanks to Rahul Malik (another great guy who takes amazing pictures – gosh there are so many of these folks who click really nice pictures) for letting me know about this group – I’ve always been raring to go out and shoot pictures and having a group of like-minded people in this aspect really helps a great deal in boosting your own enthusiasm levels.

The atmosphere at the flower market was really busy – I love places with a lot of activity happening – although from a photography stand-point its difficult to shoot in such a scenario – too much happening in your frame. Nonetheless, I managed to click a few that came out well. Here are the ones that I liked the most.

We had started off pretty early at 6:30 am (although I reached a bit late – at around 7:30 am) and we kept clicking pictures till about 9:30 am wrapping up with a group photo. More pictures from this shoot can be found at my flickr page by clicking here. Happy viewing!

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